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Industrial Metals & Scrap, Inc. is a specialist in processing any and all types of scrap metal, including industrial scrap like machinery, scrap metal from product manufacturing, metal scrap from clearing large industries, facility shutdowns, factory site closures, etc. The company owns and provides a range of services and equipment to facilitate industries in clearing their premises in a cost effective and economical manner. A service include providing all the required equipments like magnet and grapple cranes, forklifts, and machinery skates, and any other lifting and moving equipment and also conducts this lifting and moving activity in the safest manner.

Industrial Metals & Scrap, Inc. offers the following services:


  • Aluminum bailing
  • Shearing
  • Wire stripping
  • Forklift services.
  • Bucket loader services
  • Front-end loader services
  • Bobcat loader services.

Full Line of Equipment


  • Van Trailers
  • Open Top Gondola Trailers
  • Flat Bed Trailers
  • Roll-Off Boxes
  • Self-Dumping Hoppers
  • Gaylord Boxes

Industrial Metals & Scrap, Inc. provides customized recycling programs tailored to each customer’s unique requirements, environmental accountability from start to finish, recycling safety awareness training at all of our customers facilities

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